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Electricity prices are sky high

You can ease the pain of your household power bill by investing in a residential solar system from HV Solar

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Electricity prices are already sky high and set to climb even higher over the next few years. You can ease the pain of your household power bill by investing in a residential solar system from HV Solar.

But what size do I need? Where should it go? How much will it cost?

It’s so confusing!

Every system is different because every client’s needs are unique. We can help guide you through the process and answer all those questions and more. Your system will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, we only use good quality solar panels, inverters and batteries backed by long warranties, so you’ll sleep well at night knowing your system is reliable and covered in case of any issues.

Not only will a solar system save you money on your electricity bills, likely paying for itself in five years, it will also increase the property value of your house. That’s a win-win!

Call us today to see what we can offer for your residential solar system.

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Simple Steps

We aim to make your solar installation experience as straightforward as possible. What you need may be different to what your neighbour needs, so we’ll discuss your energy requirements and tailor a solution that works best for you. It’s as simple as picking up the phone.

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Hear From Others

We were considering solar for our new home and a neighbor told us about HV Solar. Joel made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. We have a house with a unique roof space but Joel took it all in his stride and got us a very sharp quote. He didn’t try and sell us anything we didn’t need and, from our own research, we know he used good quality gear. We went with LG panels and an SMA inverter. Our system was installed in May 2018 and has only been active for a short period but we are already experiencing the benefits.  We are very excited about getting the first bill that covers a full billing cycle as the savings will be massive. We were very pleased with our experience using HV Solar, they certainly know their stuff.

Graham & Wendy Perkins, Ashtonfield