4WD Solar

Attaching a solar panel to caravans and four-wheel drive vehicles is becoming very popular. This can be done by installing roof racks to your vehicle and attaching a waterproof regulator to the rear of the panel or mounting a non-waterproof, standard regulator inside the vehicle. The panel is then able to be used to charge an auxiliary battery or the start battery.

The solar panel will charge a battery when it’s exposed to sunlight and stop when the battery is fully charged. If your appliances draw more power than the panel can make it will not be able to completely charge your battery. Usually, this type of set-up can run various 12V devices (fridge, lights, small appliances et) and an inverter to run 240V appliances.

We can mount any size panel from 100W to 320W and recommend the larger, more productive LG Neon panel. These panels are the very highest quality have a very sturdy aluminium frame. When mounting we endeavour to keep screw and pop rivets to a minimum so as not to compromise the panel in any way.

Simple Steps

We aim to make your solar installation experience as straightforward as possible. What you need may be different to what your neighbour needs, so we’ll discuss your energy requirements and tailor a solution that works best for you. It’s as simple as picking up the phone.

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