Don’t get caught with an ‘orphaned’ solar system

Apples with apples

According to a report from LG using ASIC data, more than 650 solar installation companies have closed since 2011. The report suggests there are more than 300,000 “orphaned” solar systems in Australia. Other reports say it could be as many as 30% of all systems installed! If you own an orphaned system you can’t contact the original […]

Interesting story about low grade parts on 7.30 Report (ABC TV)


If you didn’t get a chance to see the investigative report about issues relating to the supply of low-grade solar panels on the 7.30 Report earlier this month (June 2019)  night you can watch it here: It starts at the 1.00 minute mark and runs for 12 minutes. The key takeaway is …. you […]

Rebate for NSW farmers for solar pumps


25% rebate on solar pumps for NSW graziers In February 2019 the NSW Government has announced a generous rebate to fund one-off rebates to eligible primary producers for the costs associated with the purchase and installation of on-farm water infrastructure that addresses animal welfare needs and improves resilience to drought. This rebate applies to the […]